Everything figurative and feminine from Mediterranean mythology to medievil heresy inspires me. I ‘suffer’ chronic nostalgia and treat it with coffee, dirty reds from the south of France, books, books, and more books on art history and walks on the beach with my dog.


Real & Imagined

Sometimes I take leave, of my body, of this chair. I am looking at form. I am following line, shadow, gesture, It is like floating on the gentle swell beyond the break. Each undulation so familiar. It is always me, always feminine, gentle, sometimes languid, sometimes layered and then strangely awkward, yet still honest.

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Figurative Sculpture & Paintings

Emotion expressed in a subtle or not so subtle gesture inspires me. I am always reading greek mythology, art history – religious iconography ,med evil through to early renaissance and early 20th century. The female form seems to be the vehicle I use to express everything. I use my own experience, real or imagined, and body as a reference.

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The Collection

Large figurative paintings & intimate ceramic sculpture

I tend to fall in love with all my work at different stages of the process. One of the best feelings is when someone sees something for themselves in my work, and it becomes part of their home, part of their enviroment. I love receiving images of my work when they have found thier new home, although I miss them.

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